UPDATE: Following the release of the walking football (WF) laws in February 2017 by the FA (available here), as produced and established in November 2016, a working group here in the Eastern Algarve has reviewed these laws and produced a set of laws specifically for East Algarve Walking Football (EAWF).

The new laws for use in the Eastern Algarve sessions at Olhao and Tavira, and for all competitions run by the EAWF group will come into force in October 2017.

These new laws can be viewed and downloaded here.
(You will need Adobe Reader on your computer to be able to view this pdf; please email us for further details if needed).

Please study these laws and familiarise yourselves with them.

Any questions can be sent to us via email at info@walkingfootballalgarve.com.

In brief, we now have the following specific laws

    • A height restriction of the height of the crossbar or 6 ft (1.83 m), whichever is the highest, unless accidentally played over this height or when cleared by the goalkeeper (see page 11 of the new laws for details and specifics).

    • All free kicks are direct.

    • No more than two touches with no other player having played the ball (although tournaments are usually three touches per player).

    • No shielding the ball after having taken two touches.

    • No tackling from behind regardless of force used or whether contact is made.

TOURNAMENTS: The two main tournaments we contest in Vilamoura and Albufeira play to slightly different rules to these due to pitch sizes and markings etc. Those playing will be made aware of those rules prior to the tournament once we receive them.